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ACER N35 - YAKUMO ALPHA GPS ROM Update Version 1.40.32


ACER N35 - YAKUMO ALPHA GPS ROM Update Version 1.40.32

GPS ROM Update to 1.40.32

Release Date: November 24, 2004

1.Fixed the system sometime auto suspend when battery is over 8%.
2.Fixed backlight can't turn off after backlight auto turn off and power off -> on.
3.Change USB string from "USB socket default" to "USB".
4.Fixed the latter position error of ITL GAPI.
(1) ¡§Start¡¨ button will be disabled when backup procedure was cancel in backup procedure.
(2) ¡§Start¡¨ button will be disabled when restore procedure was cancel in restore procedure.
(3) Show ¡§out if¡¨ message when restore in process.
(4) ROM storage size was incorrect.

Then follow the simple instructions:
1. copy all OS Image files to SD card [now formated as FAT16 system]
2. hard restart Acer n35 device [move knob to the left]
3. Instert the SD Card
4. Hold the power button, and move the hard reset knob to the left
5. aproximatly count 4 sec. and release the power button
6. the screen will say SD DOWNLOAD [not DOWNLOAD IMG] and then after ~10 sec. the Orange bar will appear
7. The device will reboot automatically after it has completed flashing .

Release Notes:
One more thing , to upgrade to the files in
just use the procedure above
if you want to upgrade to files in
first load onto your SD card the files from
n35_SE_Eboot 6.2.rar
then reboot device
and load onto SD card the files from
and repeat the flashing procedure.

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